The U of S JCC operates very differently from other organizations and groups on campus. As an organization we do not believe in the traditional hierarchies of top down leadership and governance. Rather the organization is horizontal and allows members the autonomy to lead the respective areas of the organization and in doing so make great things happen quickly. NO MORE RED TAPE!

Uof S JCC collage

 2015 JCC Members

So how does it work?

The JCC has three main areas of value creation:

  • Corporate Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Politics

Within these three areas JCC operates a set of committee’s that are ran by Committee Chairs. The committees purpose is to create value for students on campus and within the organization by working with our partners as well as making new partnerships. The Committee Chairs recruit their own committee members and build their team as they see fit in order to achieve their committee’s mandate. Two things to note about JCC committees are that 1. If a committee is not needed and is not creating value it will be disbanded (we do not do things for political reasons or face value, if there is no value for students we do not do it!) and 2. If a student in the JCC or outside has an idea for a committee or event that they would like to run under the JCC and the support therein we are always eager to have a coffee and hear that idea!

How do you join?

First question to ask yourself….which of the three areas of the JCC interests you? Are you an entrepreneur, aspiring politician, or soon to be corporate citizen?

Join a Committee

The JCC committee chairs recruit as they see fit using each college’s student email newsletter however if you cannot find an advertisement in your newsletter simply contact the JCC, state your area of interest, and your email will be redirected to the applicable Committee Chair.

View the Junior Chambers current committees Here

Have an idea for an Event or Committee?

If you have an idea for an event or a committee you would like to create contact us and someone from JCC will contact you to discuss further!


No strings attached Member

If your simply looking to participate in the U of S JCC events keep an eye out on our website News Page or Twitter feed to see whats coming up!